Our Process

Need a one of a kind garment or have an idea for your perfect dress but just cannot find it or bring it to life?

We will love to help!

Get in touch by booking an appointment with us (click/tap here). We will design and create a luxurious wedding gown or bespoke garment just for you.

Booking an appointment allows us to arrange a complimentary 1hr design consultation for you.


At Felisiti Greis, we believe a consultation is the first and most important step in the process of getting a garment made by us. The initial 1hr consultation is a meeting between you and Felicity, the creative director.

Our consultations can be arranged;
– In person
– Phone call
– Video call (Zoom, FaceTime, etc.)

We encourage you to share all your thoughts and ideas with us, so we get a better understanding of what it is you are looking for in your one of a kind gown.

During the initial 1hr consultation;
– We will discuss the style of garment you want, the occasion it’s for and what your role at the occasion is.
– At this stage, we welcome any inspirational concepts you may have, to help bring your ideas to life.
– You will get the opportunity to view some fabric swatches, colour palette and some of our previous garments, that are similar to the style you want.
– Felicity will go through all the ideas you may have for your garment and offer her design expertise which will either help enhance or completely change your initial design idea. Felicity will also translate all the individual ideas cohesively into a sketch to help you visualise your garment. Included in your 1hr consultation is a sketch of your finalised design. Once design has been finalised, a full set of your measurements will be accurately taken and recorded.

All sketches/illustrations delivered to you remain the sole property of Felisiti Greis Ltd. Therefore, we reserve the right to use these sketches as we wish.

– We aim to work closely with you at every stage in the process of getting your garment made. To create something unique that is true to who you are as an individual.

Please note: Felisiti Greis does not replicate other designers work and any inspirational image or concept you decide to bring along to your consultation is solely for the purpose of helping convey your ideas to us.
– An accurate full set of your measurement will also be taken during your consultation.
– Once design has been finalized to your absolute satisfaction and consultation is over, we will contact you the next working day, to give you a precise quote for your garment.



We are so glad you found us to be the perfect fit for the creation of your garment.

Once your design if finalised, we will make your design in what is called a toile; an early version of a finished garment made up in an alternative material so that the design can be tested and perfected.

We will contact you to book your 1st fitting in the toile. All the necessary alterations will be applied to the toile until both you and our team are happy with it. We will make it our absolute priority that you are happy with your garment and we encourage you to voice out any concerns or modifications you may want in your garment at this stage.

After your 1st fitting in the toile, we will proceed to working on your actual garment with our selection of quality and luxurious fabrics and materials.

WEDDING GOWNS: 3 to 4 fittings

BESPOKE GARMENTS: 1 to 2 fittings

Please note: 1st fitting for wedding gowns are toile fittings. Bespoke garments do not usually come with a toile fittings. If you order remotely or are not able to make it for fitting, we will work precisely according to your measurements so no fittings are required.



This is the day you have been waiting for. After going through a truly meticulous and painstaking process of perfecting every inch of your gown, it is finally ready. Numerous hours, love and our skills have been channelled into creating your dream gown, which you’re going to fall completely in love with. We will contact you to arrange a preferred dat and time for your final fitting. Your garment will be completed at this stage and ready for collection/delivery. On the day of your final fitting, you will try your garment on for the very last time and we will make sure it offers an impeccable fit all round. What an absolute pleasure it has been, to have taken you on this journey to bring your dream gown to life and the chance for you to experience Felisiti Greis first hand.


Our services to you do not end on the delivery/collection of your garment. We are happy to help you into your garment on the day of your event/occasion and make sure you look your absolute best. Please email us and let us know, if you would like us to help you get ready on the day.