Welcome to my world of creative ingenuity, quality craftsmanship and endless possibilities. For the love of couture and artistry.


The Girl

Couture wedding dress designer, Felicity of Felisiti Greis is sitting on a grey velvet bench. she has a beautiful smile on her face. she has her hands crossed and resting over her knee. she is wearing a black top and a white trouser. the background is a painted white wall.

I’m Felicity, Founder and Creative Director of Felisiti Greis. Born and raised in Ghana, I was lucky enough to be totally immersed in the beauty, creativity and vibrancy of artistic expression from a young age. I learned to appreciate the beauty in everything.

I am a mother of one (for now, Ha!). I live in the beautiful county of West Yorkshire. I love the countryside, I will choose it over city life any day. I like to think of myself as an introvert with extroverted energy. I am obsessed with details and intricate pieces, so it’s no surprise that I became a couture designer.


Welcome to my happy place


This is a glimpse into my creative journey as a young lady who is highly intuitive and deeply connected with her being and her God. I am a fine artist and a couture bridal and occasion wear designer. I love what I do. I believe I was born to sprinkle beauty over our world. I’m on a mission to transform bridal dreams into couture reality and celebrate the individuality of my brides and clients.

“You deserve a bespoke wedding dress that is expertly sculpted and handcrafted just for you.” 

Three brides wearing Felisiti Greis wedding dress. one bride is sitting on a chair while the one two are standing next to her left. the bride on the far right has a bouquet in her right hand and her left hand on her hip.

Aside from transforming bridal dreams into couture reality for brides to be, I also live out my other purposes of; being a wonderful mom, friend, daughter, auntie, kind stranger who uplifts and inspires others.

As far as I can remember, I was a little girl who started carving into my parents’ walls with a palette knife. I had this instinctive urge to create. I created art with anything I got my hands on; in this case, a palette knife was my ‘tool’ and the wall was my ‘blank canvas’.

As a child, my family and friends described me as easygoing, highly intuitive, kind, empathetic, outspoken and confident. I am constantly learning and finding out new intriguing things about myself. I love the woman I am becoming; my younger self is so proud that I kept this dream alive.

I believe the different stages we go through in life are like passing on a baton and each one of these stages should aim to put the next one in the best position possible. Today, I want to thank young Felicity for being bold, embracing her uniqueness, staying authentic and dreaming big. Out of that bold little creative girl, evolved a woman who is taking that dream even further and breaking glass ceilings along the way.

Couture wedding dress designer, Felicity of Felisiti Greis is in front of a white wall. she is wearing an ivory and olive dress with prominent and voluminous sleeve.

I have always felt like an old soul when it comes to my relationship with art. I will describe myself as an artist first and a designer second. Art holds a special place in my heart and my artistic skills are what has shaped me into the designer I am today.

I feel deeply connected with some of the most incredible creatives, both alive and the ones that have journeyed on. Some of my favourite artists and designers are Madame Gres, Michelangelo, Dior, Charles James, to name a few. I am inspired by their dedication to the craft and their impeccable techniques and their quality craftsmanship.

“Anyone can design and create garments (art), but very few have the heart and soul of a craftsman. Those who claim it will stop at nothing to hone their skills which in turn produces a masterpiece.” _Felicity Grace

couture wedding dress designer Felicity, of Felisiti Greis is working on a dress stand in her atelier. she wearing a black top and a black fitted trousers. she has her hair in an updo.

I am a modern lady who desires to preserve the traditional techniques of art, quality craftsmanship and couture. I want to be able to pass these techniques on to the next generation soon.

We currently live in a digital age, which is a beautiful time to be a creative. You can create anything you want. However, amid all this technological advancement, I never want to lose touch with techniques of the past, techniques that only humans can preserve. I try my best to stay balanced by keeping myself abreast with the current times and also increase my knowledge about the ways of craftsmanship and how I can better preserve it.

“Craftsman is a name that places a tremendous responsibility on those who claim it. And believe me, in our world and in our time, we are deeply in need of the values which come under the head of craftsmanship” _ Charles Eames

One of the greatest blessings in my life is that I discovered my gift/talent at a very tender age. It is a beautiful thing to know one’s gift at that young age. We go through life constantly trying to re-discover ourselves and seeking out what our purpose is. Most people have a deep yearning to find out why they are here on earth, so knowing that my gift found me that early in life; makes me feel grateful and truly blessed.

It is one thing to know one’s gift, but it is another thing to earnestly pursue, protect and hone it with faith and resilience.

With the blessing of my gift came a few obstacles and hurdles, even as a young girl. I grew up in a community that was filled with beauty and all things vibrant, which I came to appreciate. It shaped who I am as an artist. This beautiful community, unfortunately, thought art belonged in a ‘man’s world’. I had to deal with what I now know to be sexism, prejudice and the likes.

I know I’m meant to break the mould, so these things were never going to stop me from pursuing my dreams. However, I hope that no creative young girl has to ever go through that same predicament.


The Dream

A bride wearing a felisiti greis bespoke wedding dress. it has a voluminous draped off the shoulder sleeves and a corset style bustier. she is hold a bouquet with both hands. in the background is a window with bright sun shining through.

Growing up, I had a strong sense of self and knew who I wanted to be. My strong-willed spirit among other things is what has persevered my creative journey. I am a woman of faith. I believe that the ways of God are intentional and divinely orchestrated. I know that every; talent, belief, core value, trait, personality, blessings, etc I have in my life are all linked to my purpose. I am meant to serve others with it.


 “I want to be the type of designer who leaves her mark on this earth.”

 When I was a child, I always dreamt of creating beautiful garments that were out of this world. I instinctively knew I would be an amazing designer in the future. So to see a glimpse of this dream unfolding in real-time is more than I could have hoped for.

‘Art was my calling and I was determined to answer it. My career so far has been the epiphany of a ‘dream come true.’ The little girl inside, the one that would imagine and draw and sketch for hours, is so grateful I never gave up on our dream. We did it, girl! I get to completely lose myself creating elegant, timeless pieces that are as stunning as the queens that wear them’.

Bride wearing a felisiti greis bespoke wedding dress. she is at new burgh priory by a pond.

The way I see life has helped me greatly in my creative journey. I am not moved by a lot of things that may seem an obstacle, because I know that nothing can stand in the way of my purpose except for me. This is not to say, I do not ever feel anxious about my creative journey, I do sometimes! but I can move on from this and get back to my place of fulfilment quicker because I trust the process.

I have the most amazing support system. My family/friends have been my rock throughout my creative journey. I wouldn’t have made it this far without their love, prayer, belief in me and constant support. They always inspire me to be all that God created me to be and I cannot thank them enough.

I will continue to be diligent in chasing my dreams, make the right decisions, trust in God’s plan for my life and surround myself with the right people. I know everything will fall into place (It has already started).


The Brand

Fashion has always run parallel all these years to my love for art. I have dedicated myself exclusively to fashion in recent years, honing my skills and developing Felisiti Greis as a fashion brand. Felisiti Greis designs and creates luxury bespoke wedding dresses and occasion wear for the modern bride and discerning women worldwide. I fuse creativity, style and modern aesthetics to give you an exquisite finish with a timeless look.

a corded lace felisiti greis bespoke wedding dress on a mannequin

I design pieces for women who cherish individuality and prefer the luxurious exclusivity of a custom-made gown. The Felisiti Greis woman embraces collaboration and quality craft(wo)manship. My mission has and will always be to create pieces that celebrate the beauty of my clients.

I have a clear vision of where I want to take Felisiti Greis. This is just the beginning of all the elevation this brand is about to experience and I cannot wait to see my brainchild blossom into everything God set it out to be.

portrait shot of couture designer felicity, of felisiti greis.

Thank you for coming along on this journey with me as I share more about myself and my brand. I am so grateful you took the time to read this.

Felicity xx


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