Why do I need to book an appointment?

An appointment is needed in order to book and secure a 1hr consultation, since all our consultations are by appointment only.

What happens during my consultation?

During consultation we will discuss the style of garment you want, the occasion it’s for and what your role at the occasion is. You will get the opportunity to view some fabric swatches, color palette and some of our previous garments, that are similar to the style you want. Felicity will go through all the ideas you may have for your garment and offer her design expertise which will either help enhance or completely change your initial design idea. Felicity will also translate all the individual ideas cohesively into a sketch to help you visualize your garment. Finally, your measurements will be taken accurately and recorded.

Who should I bring to my consultation?

We suggest you limit the guest list to no more than two guests whose style opinion you value and will love to have at different stages of getting your garment made when you visit us in our studio.

I have seen a garment by another designer that I like. Can FG make this exact style/garment for me?

At Felisiti Greis, we stand by our ethics of not replicating other designers work. Firstly, this allows us to stay true to who we are as a brand and be authentic in the way we design and produce our garments. As a result, we are able to create something truly unique for our clients by embracing their individualities. Secondly, It gives us the opportunity to use our own creative minds and initiative. We believe creativity is one of the things that keeps on giving as long as you use more of it and we plan on exhausting every bit of creative avenue we have available to us in helping finalise the design of your garment.

We are extremely good at what we do here at Felisiti Greis and we know you will fall absolutely in love with the garment we will create for you.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept payments via bank transfer or cash only, for now.

What are the processes and timescales of getting a garment made by FG?

We know when it comes to your wedding, timing is everything. So we recommend you begin the process of getting a garment made at least 9 months before your wedding date by contacting us and booking an appointment. For our bespoke client’s we recommend contacting us at least 7 months to your event in order to begin the process. However, if you need a garment made in the next few weeks or on short notice, we’ll try and accommodate your request and submit your order as a “rush order” so you can receive your garment in time for your beautiful wedding or event. A rush order fee will be incurred in addition to the cost of making your garment to guarantee enough time for fittings and delivery. Do your best to contact us as soon as you can. Please visit Our Process to learn more about how we work.

I am not able to make it for consultation or fitting in person, can I still get a garment made by FG?

Yes! Absolutely! If you are not able to make it for consultation for any particular reason or because you live abroad, we are more than happy to help make you a one of a kind garment. We accept orders remotely and we will work closely with you every step of the way. For our remote clients, consultation can be done, either by;
– phone call
– video calls (WhatsApp, Skype, FaceTime, etc.)
– Text or WhatsApp chat
– Email

Once consultation is over, we will send you a detailed measurement chart as a guide, via a preferred method which includes images on how to measure accurately. Record your measurements and send them to us. We will work precisely according to your measurements. We strongly recommend you get a professional tailor to measure you to ensure accuracy.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you are unsure about anything that pertains to your measurements. Felisiti Greis will not be held responsible for any sizing/fitting mishaps caused by inaccurate measurements. Please visit Our process to learn more.

When should I schedule my first fitting?

We will contact you to schedule your fittings accordingly. Please be advised that you will be expected to attend on an average between 1 to 2 fittings depending on the style and design of your garment to achieve the perfect fit. However, if you order remotely or are not able to make it for fitting, we will work precisely according to your measurements. We strongly recommend you get a professional tailor to measure you. Please visit Our process to learn more about how our fitting works.

How can I clean my FG wedding or bespoke garment?

Your garment depending on its style, make and technique can be extremely delicate so we advise that you do not attempt to dry clean it, unless otherwise stated as this may damage the garment. Contact a professional dress cleaner near you to hand wash your dress after your wedding or event to make sure it stays in absolutely perfect condition. Please refer to the label on your garment, which will advise on how to care for your garment specifically.

I want to feature FG in my magazine or blog. How can I receive more information and photos for my article?
Thank you for considering #Felisitigreis for your article or press coverage! Send an email to design@felisitigreis.com and we’ll assist you with any enquiry.

Can I get styling advice from FG on your products and services?

We will love to assist you in the additional coordination of your wardrobe. We can also suggest items for special occasions. Please email us at design@felisitigreis.com.