A design appointment is the first step in the process of starting your dream bespoke wedding dress journey with Felisiti Greis. The initial 1hr complimentary design appointment is an opportunity to hone in on your vision, under the creative direction of Felicity. During the design appointment, we will explore different design concepts in line with your vision. You will get the opportunity to see a selection of our luxurious fabrics and custom embroideries all carefully handpicked to inspire the design of your dream wedding dress.

Design appointments are available;

– In-person

– Virtual/Video call (Zoom, FaceTime, etc.)


Welcome to the beginning of your bridal dreams. We are excited to take you on a journey where you will experience the wonderful world of Bridal Couture and all the beauty it has to offer.

You dream of the perfect couture bridal gown, a beautifully handcrafted piece which embodies the true essence of who you are. This journey begins with an initial design appointment. Felicity will hone in on the overall vision you have for your gown. Our goal is to uncover every single bridal dream you desire and connect with you on a deeper level. We want to know everything you dream of; from the emotions, you want to exude on your wedding day when wearing your gown, to its very fabric. We listen to you and explore every possibility from conception to the completion of your dream wedding dress.

A moodboard for a bride to visualise the vision she has for her dream wedding dress.


During the initial design appointment, Felicity will offer her design expertise to help enhance or completely change your initial design idea for your bridal gown. She will also translate the ideas into a sketch to help you visualise the design of your dream wedding dress. You are welcome at this stage, to let us know if you want any changes made to the original design/sketch. Once the design is complete, you will approve it. At the end of the appointment, your measurements will be taken accurately and recorded. With the design ready, we are going to start working on bringing your dream dress to life.


Every element of your design is complete. Based on your specified measurements, we will create custom patterns of your design using paper.
We will start by making your design in a toile using your custom patterns (a toile is an early version of a finished garment made up in an alternative material so that the design, can be tested and perfected).

We will contact you to arrange your first fitting, which will be the toile. Our role is to apply any necessary alterations to the toile during the fitting and ensure both you and our team are happy with the outcome. We want you to feel beautiful in your gown and love its overall fit. We encourage you to voice any concerns or modifications you want in the design of your bridal gown at this stage. During your toile fitting, we will explore different laces, fabrics, trims and embroideries. This exploration will give you a clear vision of your bridal gown. You will see your dream gown taking shape in a truly magical way.

After your first fitting in the toile, we will proceed to work on your actual gown with our selection of quality and luxurious fabrics and materials. We will arrange subsequent fittings accordingly and invite you back to our atelier to try on your couture bridal gown at different stages.
You should expect to have at least two to three subsequent fittings after your toile fitting.



The day you have been waiting for is here. After a meticulous process of perfecting every inch of your gown, it is finally ready. Hundreds of hours, love, and craftsmanship have gone into the creation of your dream bridal gown.

We will contact you to arrange a preferred date and time for your final fitting. Your bridal gown will be complete at this stage and ready for collection/delivery. On the day of your final fitting, you will try your wedding dress on for the last time. We will ensure it offers an impeccable fit all round. After the final fitting, your bridal gown will be packaged and ready to take home with you. What an absolute pleasure, to have had the opportunity to take you on this beautiful couture journey. Your gown is everything you dreamed it would be. We cannot wait to see you walk down the aisle in this luxuriously handcrafted creation.


Our commitment to ensuring you look your very best does not end on the day of delivery or collection of your bridal gown. Our on the day service offers you peace of mind, knowing that we will be right there with you on your wedding day and help you with your dream wedding dress. Please email us and let us know if you would like us to help you get ready on your wedding day.