Hello, I am Felicity. The Founder and Creative Director of Felisiti Greis. Welcome to my happy place, where I combine my love for art, traditional methods of couture techniques and my vision to make women and girls look and feel their best. I do this by empowering them through my designs one sketch at a time.

From a very tender age, I exhibited a strong passion and interest in art and all things creative. I was born and raised in Ghana, where my love for art was cultivated. I had an unwavering desire as a child to pursue and further develop the innate talent I was blessed with.

Since relocating to the United Kingdom I have had the opportunity to enhance my skills not only in the field of art, but also in fashion which has been running parallel all these years to my love for art. In recent years, I have dedicated myself exclusively to fashion, honing my skills and developing Felisiti Greis as a fashion brand.

My journey so far has been a dream realised. A true testament of what it means for a young child to have a dream and see it come alive right before her very eyes and that of those who believed she could.


Felisiti Greis designs and creates exquisite bespoke garments and bridal wear with a luxury finish. We fuse creativity, style and modern aesthetics to give you an exquisite finish with a timeless look. We take on board your vision, along with your unique individuality and infuse it with our own design aesthetics to create a custom gown just for you. We design and create for discerning women and girls, who cherish individuality and prefer the luxurious exclusivity of a custom-made garment.

Our bespoke service offers a truly personalized experience, one that is focused on you and your vision. We work closely with you every step of the way, to provide an experience you will forever cherish. The most incredible part of this journey is that you get to wear and own your dream gown that celebrates your beauty in every way imaginable. The Felisiti Greis woman is a discerner and respecter of quality garment craftsmanship which is intricately finished to perfection.

Our love for detailed embellishments and well-constructed gowns are prevalent in all the pieces we create. Our gowns are perfectly constructed using lasting couture techniques to give you an impeccable fit.

All our garments are handcrafted in the UK with careful attention to detail, to honour the traditions of craftsmanship and sustainability. Each Felisiti Greis garment uses not only the finest quality materials, but also pays homage to the techniques of quality craftsmanship with each piece that is designed and created from sketch to the intricately crafted garments.